Power of Collaboration as a Student



I have learned that a very important aspect of college is collaboration between your peers, and more specifically your classmates. Having someone that you can depend on in each of your classes will make your class more efficient, and ultimately make you a more successful student.

In the classes that I have known somebody, I have gotten so much more out of it. Being able to openly discuss yesterday’s macroeconomic lecture with someone is invaluable. It usually ends with a deeper understanding of the topic, and more excitement for the subject. In forming this relationship with your classmate you also relieve stress for you and your friend. If you have to miss a class, having someone you can depend on to take good notes for you is very helpful. When it is time to write a paper, it would be worthwhile to set up a time to meet and discuss potential thesis’s or paper topics.  Study groups during exam time can prove to be even more beneficial.  I find that having someone to talk through concepts makes studying more efficient and even more enjoyable.

SwitchNote will put this interaction online. We hope that SwitchNote will make it possible for everyone to have a “buddy” in every class. Our goal is that students will have multiple people that they can rely on.