Update on SwitchNote


Drew here from SwitchNote.

We had a very successful alpha launch at Loyola University!  Thanks to the hundreds of people who signed up and contributed content.  Your feedback is invaluable!  Feel free to reach out to me directly any time to let me know what you think of the platform: drew@switchnote.com.

Next up are more schools!  During the next two weeks we plan on really pushing into new schools during finals week.  Obviously, we know that SwitchNote can be very helpful during this time for college students so we really want to roll out into more schools and help relieve a little pain :).  To do this we are hiring to Marketing Executive’s to help spread the word on different campuses across the country.  We currently have 7 great students who are working hard to grow the product.  We offer different rewards for reaching milestones.  Learn more here: http://www.switchnote.com/marketing/

We hope to learn as much as possible in the next few weeks.  We will then evaluate the feedback we receive and make the necessary adjustments over the summer.  Then, we will have a massive launch in the fall!

It’s very exciting times and we are working as hard as we can to help solve this problem across the country.

Have a great end of the year!