Taking Effective Notes in Textbooks


Hi there,


Drew here from SwitchNote.  Today, I’m going give some techniques for writing effective notes in textbooks.

As a student, I see many students taking notes in textbooks while reading or studying from them.  But, I believe 80% of them are doing so in an ineffective manner.  Simply reading paragraph to paragraph isn’t always the best way to take-in the material.  Here are some helpful hints on how to take effective notes in text books:

1. Select Highlighting- Make sure you don’t go crazy highlighting.  It should only include key points that you can quickly go back and refer to.

2. Read your notes out loud – This will help with memorization.

3.  Spend time looking at diagrams – Often times the charts/diagrams in a textbook help summarize the text in a visual way, so studying those can be of great assistance!

4. Circle, star, or highlight key concepts using different colors to help sort out different concepts and topics.

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