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In high school, I was locked into a course schedule for the entire year. Didn’t like the course? Tough. Didn’t get along with the teacher? Too bad. College students can add and drop classes weeks into the term. I am going to share some thoughts on add/drop week, and provide some useful tips on constructing your class schedule.

Do your research before choosing classes. My registration opened up in early November for the spring semester. I knew what classes I wanted to take, and when I wanted to take them BEFORE registration day. In constructing my schedule I had a lot to consider (as do all college students) for example: my school’s core curriculum, my major requirements, times, the professor, other commitments, etc.. I learned that the earlier that I searched for courses the more flexibility I had in my schedule, and ultimately a more successful semester.

Do not bank on the add/drop period. It might be tempting to simply pick five classes in November with the intention of just “figuring” it out during the Add/Drop period (first week of classes). This can be very dangerous. Most classes are filled during the first week of the semester. If you are looking to pick up a class during add/drop, your choices are limited. And the classes that are still open are probably still open for a reason (inconvenient class time, demanding professor). It is unlikely that you will be able to design your “dream” schedule during add/drop week. Plan early, and register as soon as you can.

However, if on the first day of EN 101 your professor seems to be to demanding or your club lacrosse team practices at the same time and you need to make a change, Add/Drop is your answer.  At most schools the Add/Drop process is done completely online.  Here at Loyola, we use WebAdvisor.  It is a very straightforward platform.  I can simply log in and search through open classes, and make the change.  But, during Add/Drop week students are constantly shuffling around their schedules so it is important to check online frequently for openings if you are looking at a specific class.  Spots can open and close by the minute.

Good Luck and have a great spring ’14!

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